Archive 17 (Arquivo 17)

Archive 17 is a visual arts project, designed by artist Fernanda Grigolin, who began collecting data and documents about the lives of working people in Brazil in the early 20th century, especially the First Great Workers Strike, which occurred in the year 1917. A woman (the woman on the left corner of the picture), appointed by the artist in the collected datas, becomes the lyrical self of the project. Her subjectivity is expressed through an archive: historical facts are converted into inner experiences.

For the construction of the lyrical self, Fernanda focuses on the imaginary of the anarchist activists of the past and, with the perspective of the present, she juxtaposes the struggles for life with current social reverberations, 100 years later. Archive 17 comprises seventeen works that will be exhibited in the city of Campinas in the Museum of Image and Sound. The project intends to promote the circulation of works and encourage debate.

The website is a platform for dialog with the artist’s production. It will be updated as the works are outlined. The end result will be displayed in the exhibition and in the folder of publications between the months of August and September 2017.